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Rustam Amangeldyevich

Intensity, progress, youth, innovation, unique style - are some of the main words that describe my vision of plastic surgery.

A new approach to modern aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery!

Representative of the new generation of plastic surgeons. Combining experience and a prospective view with continuous progress and a thirst for knowledge to be in the vanguard of the profession.

I see no reason to consider all the years lived and all the time spent as useful experience, the surgeon should have a significant amount of practice and personal high standards, a trustful experience is an alloy of the number of positive aesthetic transformations and personal successes, and not just years of rare practice with outdated techniques.


New techniques and styles, constant seeking for the best version of yourself and your vocation. All that was in our life and practice was YESTERDAY.


Our TODAY is very transient and rapidly changing, so I have no right to rest on my laurels and rely entirely on past experience without constantly going towards novelty and progress.

My opinion is that in modern surgery you should always stay young, regardless of age, remaining young in your soul and with a lively and progressive mind. As how a person who is already old in his soul can rejuvenate others?


I came to this profession to become the best and leave a mark in its History. Therefore, I believe that any professional in any business should not be afraid of experiments and people’s criticism. Once people laughed at a phone without buttons, and one person made it so that now almost everyone has such a phone in his pocket.


Resuming all the above-mentioned values – I have to do my work the best way possible. All the best in our time is very individual and has its own style. And I want young surgeons to rely on my style in the future, become the best and discover new things.

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Bachelor in General Medicine - Semey State Medical University, Kazakhstan.

Internship in General Surgery - Semey State Medical University, Kazakhstan.

Plastic surgery course with the President of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Kazakhstan B.K. Bairov (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Plastic surgery course at Clinica da Lagoa with Dr. Jose Antonio Beramendi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

A course in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the Charite University Hospital (Berlin, Germany).

Residency in Plastic Surgery - Novosibirsk State University.

Advanced courses and trainings in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Joint practice with Dr. Alexander Aslani, Europe's leading surgeon, the most advanced professional in BBL - the Brazilian Butt Lift technique.

Joint practice with Dr. Marcus Petros in Columbia, South America's leading body plastic surgeon.


Male liposculpture and body modeling - a strong half of humanity also no longer wants to ignore the achievements of plastic surgery and disappear in the gym for months. A man of our time should not be focused only on his appearance. He must devote a large amount of time to the improvement of his professional skills, to the time with his loved ones, to development of a strong personality and iron will in order to make this world a better place! By transplanting your own fat cells from undesirable places to the areas of your body that you would like to correct (lipotransfer).


Lipofilling - modern methods of transplanting your own adipose tissue make miracles! You can give an appetizing shape to your buttocks by making the waist thinner or increase your breasts by 1 – 1,5 size! And these are just a couple of examples: legs, tummy, back, arms and so on - the possibilities of lipofilling will surprise you.

Breast Lift

It is not a secret that rapid weight loss, as well as pregnancy and feeding aesthetically negatively affect the shape and appearance of the female breasts.

In addition to psychological discomfort, women also experience physical problems because of an excessively large breasts.

But now this problem is being solved by breast lift without using an implant, if the volume of your breast is enough, or using an implant to give a beautiful shape and projection to your breast.

The possibilities of plastic surgery will help you quickly get back to the ranks of beautiful and sexy women.


Liposculpture and body modeling is a unique, modern and innovative technique. Are you not satisfied with the volume of your waist and at the same time would like to slightly increase your buttocks and give them a “hotter” shape? Or create a sports belly and increase the breasts by one or two sizes?

Then this technique is created for you!

We can create a new and desired silhouette from almost any initial form!

By transplanting your own fat cells from undesirable places to the areas of your body that you would like to correct (lipotransfer).

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

Abdominoplasty - after childbirth, after massive weight loss or because of some other particular features of your body, the tummy does not please you from the aesthetic side? Tummy tuck will help strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, remove extra skin and fat deposits, allow to once and for all get rid of the apron belly!

Breast augmentation

Beautiful and voluminous female breasts have always been the subject of admiration for all men and envy for all women.

The owner of a beautiful breasts always feels confident and knows the power of her appearance.

But what if nature has not endowed you with the breasts of your dreams?

For modern plastic surgery, the answer is simple - breast augmentation with implants is a wonderful and time-tested way to get the breasts of your dreams.

Beautiful underwear and swimwear, luxurious dresses - now it is available to any woman.

Slim waist

This technique allows to reduce the waist without removing the ribs.

Instead of complete removing, it is possible to perform a rib resection procedure.

The operation is less traumatic and will allow you to become the owner of an aspen waist without any risk to your health.

Now everyone can get a beautiful hourglass shape.

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